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Dreaming of Us: Music Drabbles 6

I realized I wrote 8 down twice when I handwrote the last drabble set. #1 was written alongside Music Drabbles 5. Can you tell wich ones I want to continue? ~__^ :P lol

1.      “You Just Don’t Know it” by the Jonas Brothers

“Oh I know what’s going on. Honestly speaking, Yunho hyung is being very dumb. He loves you very much, so much that he won’t stop talking about you and how you would be happier without him.”

“That’s not true at all!”

“I can tell. Yunho is super jealous of that other guy, but he’s too self-sacrificing for his own good. Dating an idol isn’t easy.”

2.      “Too Many Beautiful Girls” by Super Junior

“Yunho is it really okay that Youngjae, Yookwon, and I are backstage at the SMTOWN Japan concert? Aren’t we distracting you?” Not to mention the fact that I felt out of place with all the beautiful people surrounding us. I could hardly break away from SNSD to find Yunho. I know my kids are more adorable then all the Return of Superman kids combined but please. We need our space.

“You’re fine. I will always want to see my Tinkerbell and babies. You make me work harder.”

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Dreaming of Us: Music Drabbles 5

1.      “Under the Sun” by Do As Infinity

It was a beautiful day. I made sure to bring along plenty of water and sunscreen as Youngjae, Yookwon, and I walked to the park where we were meeting Nikki Jo and Oceana. I still couldn’t believe I had two kids already.

2.      “Slow Down Time” by Jeremey Camp

How old were Hoonmin and Minjae turning? Were my babies two years old already? Gosh is seems like they were just born yesterday. My youngest babies were getting so big. I wanted them to stay little forever. Yunho was suddenly standing behind me giving me a back hug while resting his chin on my right shoulder as we watched our babies playing with blocks.

“They grow up so fast, don’t they?” said Yunho.

“Yeah, they do,” I replied.

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Title: Magical Adventures with Sandra: a Delulu Lunafly Fanfic
Author: aleash1989 (Alicia), Emma, Gabi, Leon
Length: One-shot
Rating: PG
Genre: crack/humor, self-insertion
A/N: Ignore the backgrounds in the outfit pictures. Will there be more? Maybe, maybe not. Read to find out. - Alicia

Once upon a time, there were three small children who had huge dreams about becoming idols. All of a sudden, they grew up just to become really handsome looking men. Not only did they look good, they were also perfectly harmonized when singing, and so they got spotted by a producer at a music company, Nega Network. Little magical sparkle dust here and little training there and poof! They began their journey as Kpop idols and called themselves Sam, Teo, and Yun of Lunafly.
Lunafly - the group that would fly high to the moon. The group who’s kingdom would be eternal. It was an incredible journey so far for Sam, Teo, and Yun. They never imagined something like this would ever be happening. To think that each was connect by a bond stronger then steel was astounding. Sam would also say that Teo’s ability to be sassy, sugar high, and, more than anything, random was just as astounding, and understanding the younger man was an art he hadn’t mastered. Yun… Well he was close with Teo, but Sam didn’t think he had mastered the art of understanding Teo either. (Dee Kosh seemed to be okay at the task when they were filming the Halloween special last year. Sam was very surprised by it.) Sam decided that he was going to try to understand Teo more this holiday season.

“Here’s your order, young man.” His train of thought was interrupted by two tiny, but very strong, wrinkly hands that placed a very heavy and scalding-hot pot of kimchi jjigae on the table. “Kamsahamnida, Ahjumonim.” The old lady didn’t hear him and hurriedly went on to another table to serve a waiting customer. “Busy holiday season,” Sam thought to himself while grabbing a spoon from the utensils box. The weather in Seoul had gotten colder, and the people inside the tiny restaurant looked more like winter-season refugees rather than customers.

“Did I keep you waiting for long, Hyung?” said Teo as he took a seat across the table.

However, Sam asked Teo immediately if he had bought him a drink.

Teo teasingly replied in English, “No. Why? You need water?”

Sam, now annoyed, shouted at Teo so loud the customers all turned to face them. “Then why do you have two drinks in your hands!”

Teo was surprised and answered in a soft voice, “I bought both drinks for myself.”

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Fic: Dreaming of Us: Jealousy Part 2

Title: Dreaming of Us: Jealousy Part 2
Author: aleash1989
Length: One-shot in the Dreaming of Us universe
Rating: PG
Genre: I suppose self-insertion, humor, fluff
A/N: There will be a couple of side shots to go along with this story: calling Yunho and him talking to Youngjae and Youngjae and Oceana at nap time (some people might explode because of the cute.)


“Hewo Aunt,” said Oceana when I opened the door.

“Hello to you too Oceana-yah. You look really pretty in your hair bow today.”

“Fank you! Mum did i! Hai bows look bad when Appa does them. Mum teached him, but he still does i wong. Mum is the best hai bow puter-iner ever!”

Nikki Jo laughed. “Thank you Dear. I don’t know why Appa can’t figure it out either.”

“She even help me put a bow on Lulu! See?” She held up her doll.

I giggled. Lulu was her absolute favorite baby doll. I guess Kwanie wasn’t getting out of playing house today. “Jae-yah and Kwan-ah are in the living room if you want to go play with them.”

“Yay!” I stepped aside and Oceana ran inside.

“Oceana,” yelled Nikki Jo, “remember to take off your shoes!”

“Oh yeah. Sowy I forgot!” She came back and put her and Lulu’s shoes by the front door.

“It’s okay. You were just over excited,” Nikki Jo replied.

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Fic: Dreaming of Us: Jealousy Part 1

Title: Dreaming of Us: Jealousy Part 1
Author: aleash1989
Length: One-shot in the Dreaming of Us universe
Rating: PG
Genre: I suppose self-insertion, humor, fluff


I was seven months pregnant and finding it harder and harder to chase after Yunho and I’s four little boys. I put my right hand on my lower back as I climbed the stairs in my search. Where could they be? They knew we were going over to Aunt Nikki Jo and Uncle Eli’s for a play date this morning. I could only hope that my oldest, Youngjae, wasn’t getting into trouble again.

Man was he a troublemaker. You would think with how much he looked like his father, they would share personality traits but so far they didn’t. I wasn’t sure who Youngjae got that from because I never really intentionally made trouble as a child, and Yunho was a responsible hardworking child who did his best to help his family. I smiled. Yunho was the same way as an adult, and I loved those qualities about him.

I found my second son in the middle of Youngjae’s room playing with toy cars on the mini town rug. “Yookwan, Honey, have you seen Youngjae-yah?”

He looked up at me and said, “He played trucks with me, but he didn’t wanna play trucks anymore.”

I had a feeling I was going to have to coax information out of him. “Do you know where he went after playing trucks?”

“I dun know.”

Oh the joys of trying to figure things out from kids. “Are you sure Honey? Think real hard and use big boy words. Mommy’s trying to find Hyung. Do you know what he wanted to do after playing trucks?”

“Ummm…” Yookwan puts his right index finger on his chin and had a thoughtful look on his face. It was so cute! “Oh yeah! I ’member I told him he shouldn’t play that ’cause he’d getted in trouble.”

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Dreaming of Us: Music Drabbles 4

  1. “Going Over” by BTOB

I missed my Peter Pan, and I knew the kids missed their appa as well. It felt like it would be forever until the next time he could visit. Jiyool was growing up so fast. I know Yunho was sad to miss his only daughter’s firsts. I was sad about that too. Well I was taking many pictures and videos for him. I couldn’t wait to show him everything our little girl had learned the next time he visited.

  1. “Pink Elephants on Parade” by Chorus

Dumbo was a cute movie. Looking at it as an adult was funny. A drunken hallucinating elephant? I think there’s more to that than the animators were letting on. At least the kids weren’t picking up on it at their young ages.

  1. “Private Emotion” by Ricky Martin

It was so hard keeping everything with Yunho a secret from the world. I wanted everyone to know that he was mine, but I understood why we couldn’t just come out with the news. Cassies weren’t known for taking women being around DBSK/JYJ quietly. I hoped things would be different for us. They would be happy Yunho was happy.
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Introduction For Hallyu Con Chicago Staff

I thought I would introduce myself since I don't know you guys, and therefore, you don't know know me. I'll start off by saying that Lauren said I could be part of the online marketing team because I am a blogger on omonatheydidnt, a Korean culture community, and a writer and in charge of contacting Lunafly because I have ways to contact their PD.

I'm 24 years old and live in the southeast suburbs. I've been a fan of of Korean entertainment since 2009, and my Kpop fandoms include DBSK/JYJ, U-Kiss, and Lunafly. (I can give you my full story on that if you really want it.) When I get interested in something, I put my all into in and learn everything I can about the topic. For example, a friend (a new Kpop fan) was telling me he liked Mirotic and Keep Your Head Down, and I ended up having to give him an overview of DBSK and a break down of the DBSK/JYJ situation in the course of our conversation. He replied, "You're smarter than a computer."  I suppose one could get that impression with the way I presented the information I have learned in the past four years.

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Here are some various writing samples:

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Title: Joke Sam!!!! kkkkk Prank Punita (Expanded Version)
Length: Flash Fic
Rating: G
Genre: Humor
Summary: Teo gets bored at a photoshoot, so he and Yun play a prank on Sam and Punita. What do Sam and Punita think of the prank?
A/N: The title is Tenglish. This was written for Noonaflies Utd. project for Lunafly's 1 year anniversary, and this is the expanded version. I was leaning towards shipping Sam and Punita in this version at one point but not anymore. Does anyone have ideas of pranks I could use in a sequel?


The phone was just sitting there. Calling for him to pick it up and do something. And Teo was bored at the photoshoot. “Pst Yun. Yuuuun-ah,” he whispered to his bandmate sitting a few seats down from him as they watched their hyung getting photographed.

“What do you want?”

“Do you want to play a prank on Sam hyung?”

“Wha? What? No!” Why would Yun want to prank his hyung? He was there for them and led them well as leader.

“You know you do,” coaxed Teo.

Yun laughed.  The other man knew him too well. “Okay yeah. What do we do?” Yun loved Sam, but he couldn’t pass up a good prank.

“Hm… Let’s have Sam hyung ask Punita noona for love advice!”

“He always talks to her in English. Won’t she know something’s weird?”

“We can just say he’s practicing Korean.”

“Sam hyung’s Korean pronunciation is pretty bad sometimes.” Yun laughed and Teo joined him. “He really needs to practice more.”

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Title: Joke Sam!!!! kkkkk Prank Punita!!! (Original Version)
Length: Flash Fic
Rating: G
Genre: Humor
Summary: Teo gets bored at a photoshoot, so he and Yun play a prank on Sam and Punita. What do Sam and Punita think of the prank?
A/N: The title is Tenglish. This was written for Noonaflies Utd. project for Lunafly's 1 year anniversary, and this is the version short version I sent in. There is also an expanded version. Fyi, I personally am not shipping Sam and Punita in the story.

The phone was just sitting there. Calling to Teo to pick it up and do something. “Pst Yun. Yun.”

“What do you want?”

“Do you want to play a prank on Sam hyung?”

“Wha? What? No!”

“You know you do.”

Yun laughed. “Okay yeah. What do we do?”

“Hm… Let’s have Sam hyung ask Punita noona for love advice.”

“He always talks to her in English. Won’t she know something’s weird?”

“Simple: practicing Korean.”

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Title: Tales of Knight Samuel and How He Became Minstrel Sammy
Length: Chaptered
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Humor, Adventure
Summary: Knight Samuel just wants to be Minstrel Sammy. Just how difficult could it be to achieve his dream? The author might say quite hard when Knight Samuel has to deal with people like Trusted Companion 1, a time traveling wrestler/actor, and Princess Dwaynita. Join Knight Samuel, his two trusted companions and a crazy cast of characters on his quest to become Minstrel Sammy.

Knight Samuel was a good knight. Some might even call him brilliant, but there was one problem. Knight Samuel did not want to be Knight Samuel; he wanted to be Minstrel Sammy and travel around to various places performing with his two trusted companions, Trusted Companion 1 and Trusted Companion 2 or TC 1 and TC 2 for short. His Great Lord of Lambartshire, Knight Samuel’s father, was adamant that Samuel continue to be a knight. He found that there was no nobler a profession then that of knighthood. Why he would have never met the present Lady of Lambartshire if it were not for being a knight himself. (He overshot the Holy Lands by a few thousand miles; however that is a tale for another time.)

“Father, I have never once wanted to be a knight. If ye need someone to protect the land, Younger Brother would be more than happy to do it. Prithee – please – what say you to that?”

“Thou knowest what I say Son. Ye art – are – the one I trained and the one I spent much gold coin sending to knight school.”

“Aye ye did. Grammarcy – thank you – for the experience for I have used it well in a song or two. Now Younger Brother hath – has – been sneakily training; he knowest his way around a sword just as much as I!”

“Ye art the elder son of a lord – nobility. What would the other nobles say if a mere minstrel who traveled the lands inherited the lordship? Our family, thy own brother, would be looked down upon. Dost – do – ye want that?”

“Younger Brother could inherit everything! It matters not to me.” Knight Samuel just wanted to make music. Why was his dream so hard to fulfill?

“The law states the elder must inherit. Thou knowest that!”

“Dost – do – my wishes matter not Father? I should have a say in the course my life takes.”

“Ye should, but life is fairly so simple.”

“What if I could prove minstreling was my life calling? Would thou be wilting – willing – to listen then? The papers could be changed to say Younger Brother is the elder. The papers art all but a formality anyway.”

“Perchance my son, perchance. Unhappy nobility at Lambartshire would do the fiefdom no go for an unhappy fiefdom brings unhappiness to all who surround it.”

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