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Dreaming of Us: Music Drabbles 3

My favorites are #4 and #9.

1. “(You Want To) Make A Memory” by Bon Jovi

Memories. I had so many of those of Yunho and I. Before they were just of the Yunho I saw on the internet. Now they included us and our oh so wonderful family and friends. I was getting all nostalgic looking at the photo albums I, well along with a little help from Yunho, had put together. There was us when we eloped, my pregnancy with Youngjae, his birth, our eventual wedding and so much more. I couldn’t believe all that we had been through. A world wind of dating and marriage. Seven kids. Eight grandkids. Oh gosh was it nine now? I laughed. I’ve lost count with how many kids there had been in Yunho and I’s lives over the years.

2. “Wonder ’Bout” by Hiraku Utada

I wonder what my kids are up to. Youngie was on a date with Oceana tonight celebrating her eighteenth birthday. Was it going well? I could only hope so. He better not try any funny business. I raised him better than that. I knew he wouldn’t. They we so cute together! Someday… Anyways.

Yookwan was out with his friends. What did they say they were doing again? Oh yes. Bowling at the neighborhood ally. I smiled. That was something he picked up from Yunho. Hyunsu and Shinil were home with friends watching movies and playing video games. Jiyool was on a trip with the school photography club. I actually just dropped her off a few hours ago. I wasn’t sure how she was going to handle being in the mountains, but I knew at least she was going to be in a cabin and going to come back with the most gorgeous photographs. Hoonmin and Minji were at sleep overs with their best friends. They were all growing up so fast I could hardly believe it.

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Title: Tales of Knight Samuel and How He Became Minstrel Sammy
Length: Short Story possibly (I'm not sure how long this will be.)
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Humor, Adventure
Summary: Knight Samuel just wants to be Minstrel Sammy. Just how difficult could it be to achieve his dream? The author might say quite hard when Knight Samuel has to deal with people like Trusted Companion 1, a time traveling singer/MC/reporter, and Princess Dwaynita. Join Knight Samuel, his two trusted companions and a crazy cast of characters on his quest to become Minstrel Sammy.


Knight Samuel was a good knight. Some might even call him brilliant, but there was one problem. Knight Samuel did not want to be Knight Samuel; he wanted to be Minstrel Sammy and travel around to various places performing with his two trusted companions, Trusted Companion 1 and Trusted Companion 2 or TC 1 and TC 2 for short. His Great Lord of Lambartshire, Knight Samuel’s father, was adamant that Samuel continue to be a knight. He found that there was no nobler a profession then that of knighthood. Why he would have never met the present Lady of Lambartshire if it were not for being a knight himself. (He overshot the Holy Lands by a few thousand miles; however that is a tale for another time.)

“Father, I have never once wanted to be a knight. If ye need someone to protect the land, Younger Brother would be more than happy to do it. Prithee – please – what say you to that?”

“Thou knowest what I say Son. Ye are the one I trained and the one I spent much gold coin sending to knight school.”

“Aye ye did. Grammarcy – thank you – for the experience for I have used it well in a song or two. Now Younger Brother hath – has – been sneakily training; he knows his way around a sword just as much as I!”

“Ye are the elder son of a lord – nobility. What would the other nobles say if a mere minstrel who traveled the lands inherited the lordship? Our family, thy own brother, would be looked down upon. Dost – do – ye want that?”

“Younger Brother could inherit everything! It matters not to me.” Knight Samuel just wanted to make music. Why was his dream so hard to fulfill?

"The law states the elder must inherit. Thou knowest that!”

“Dost – do – my wishes matter not Father? I should have a say in the course my life takes.”

“Ye should, but life is fairly so simple.”

“What if I could prove minstreling was my life calling? Would thou be wilting – willing – to listen then? The papers could be changed to say Younger Brother is the elder. The papers are all but a formality anyway.”

“Perchance my son, perchance. Unhappy nobility at Lambartshire would do the fiefdom no go for an unhappy fiefdom brings unhappiness to all who surround it.”
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Poem: The Dinner Table

The Dinner Table

Pleasant conversation
And good meals
Come together
At the dinner table

Oak of old
Seen many a meal
From scarcity of yesteryear
To rations of days gone by
From the high fat era
To low fat, low calorie
From Missouri to Arkansas to Illinois
My dinner table has seen it all

It never complains
The food is nasty
Or looks gross
It just sits there
Content to hold
Dishes full of food

The dinner table

This was written Spring 2007 for a Creative Writing class in high school and inspired by the family dinners I used to almost every night with my family. The last stanza is in reference to my then 10 year old sister. lol

Pat and Listen: Play With Flowers

You stop and let SHINee Jonghyun play with the flowers. When you look up from him, you see Lizzy looking around. She notices you and comes over. She asks if you have seen Joon. What do you say?

I think I heard someone in the woods near the old barn.


Why are you looking for Joon?

Pat and Listen: Continue On Your Way

You pick a few flowers closest to you and hand them to SHINee Jonghyun, and he starts thanking you profusely. You need to get him in to bed NOW before he falls over and hurts himself. You get inside the farm house and realize you don't know where the bedrooms are. You decide to ask someone. There are noises in the kitchen, living room and upstairs. Where do you go?


Living room


Outhouse: Loner Kibum

You walk over to Super Junior Kibum and talk with him. He doesn’t say much, so you get bored. What do you do next?

Go over to the more interesting Taeyangs

Wonder around the farm

Outhouse: Dance

The Taeyangs are dancing the Dougie. It’s a dance you wish Youngbae would stop dancing, but you still head on over and join in. Since there is no music, you rhythm is all sorts of off. What do you do?

Ask Youngbae for private, non Dougie, dance lesson where there is music

Ask the Taeyangs if they want to find a place with music where you can all get your groove on

Outhouse: Calm Heechul and Key

You try to calm Heechul and Key down by telling them everything is okay and explaining that this outhouse isn’t actually all that dirty for a place on a farm. They don’t believe you and look at you skeptically like you have three heads and have committed the worst sort of fashion fopas. It’s not like you’re wear a black belt and brown shoes or socks and sandals or worst yet – he same outfit as Heechul or Key. You know you would die if that ever happened. The Sungmins profusely agree with you and suggest going somewhere else. Where do you go?

The flower garden where Key and Heechul can take pretty selcas to post on Instagram

The field to see their celebrity friends

Off by yourself to get away from the insanity

Dreaming of Us: Music Drabbles 2

1. “Konomama” by Def Tech ft. Rize

Why did I meet Alicia? I’m not sure, but one thing I know is that I love her with all my heart. She is great, loving and kind person. She makes my life interesting; no day is boring with her around. She finds so many little things cute and interesting in a way I never would have noticed. Like that story she told me the other day about one of her students.

2. “Don’t Don (Piano Vers.)” by Keudae

I’m going to kill him. Why did this have to happen? I was perfectly satisfied with how things were. Did Yunho really have to spend his first weekend back from the army alone with me? The kids have been going crazy asking when appa’s going to be back. Now there is going to be number six. There goes my five year preventive health measure. I guess I’ll just start again next year.

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Fic: Where’s the Zero Tolerance Policy?

Title: Where's The Zero Tolerance Policy?
Length: Short Story
Rating: PG
Genre: YA? and Idk
Summary: Two best friends get the shock of their 26 year old lives when someone from their past shows up unexpectedly in a way they could have never imagined.
A/N: The title is in reference to the strict anti-bullying policies that came about after the Columbine school shooting in 1999. The first draft was written my senior year of high school (spring 2007) for a Creative Writing class story where I had to have exaggerated characters and then edited for a college Fiction Writing class in 2012. The characters should no longer be exaggerated.


Where’s the Zero Tolerance Policy?

by A.M. Ludwig

Darika and Evan were computer programmers who worked at a company that did software development for large companies. They were very good at what they did and were always in high demand, and they would finally be finished with a big project for an important client today.

Darika stretched he arms above her head while glancing at the clock and saw it was near three. “Hey, Evan, want to grab some lunch?”

“Sure. Just let me finish this line of code.” He typed furiously for several minutes. “Done.”

When they were in the elevator, Evan asked, “Where do you want to go?”

“Do you even need to ask?” Darika said playfully.

He whined in response, “Oh not Café Rocco again.”

“Yes, Café Rocco. I’ve known you long enough to know you love it just as much as I do.”

“You’ll never get me to admit it. I only go there for the great hot spot.”

“Yeah, whatever,” she said with a smile.

The usual afternoon crowd was at Café Rocco when the pair walked in. It was decorated plainly and catered to many geeks and nerds who worked in the surrounding office complexes. Everybody knew the food was average at best, but Café Rocco had many repeat customers. Collapse )

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