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Dreaming of Us: Music Drabbles 6

I realized I wrote 8 down twice when I handwrote the last drabble set. #1 was written alongside Music Drabbles 5. Can you tell wich ones I want to continue? ~__^ :P lol

1.      “You Just Don’t Know it” by the Jonas Brothers

“Oh I know what’s going on. Honestly speaking, Yunho hyung is being very dumb. He loves you very much, so much that he won’t stop talking about you and how you would be happier without him.”

“That’s not true at all!”

“I can tell. Yunho is super jealous of that other guy, but he’s too self-sacrificing for his own good. Dating an idol isn’t easy.”

2.      “Too Many Beautiful Girls” by Super Junior

“Yunho is it really okay that Youngjae, Yookwon, and I are backstage at the SMTOWN Japan concert? Aren’t we distracting you?” Not to mention the fact that I felt out of place with all the beautiful people surrounding us. I could hardly break away from SNSD to find Yunho. I know my kids are more adorable then all the Return of Superman kids combined but please. We need our space.

“You’re fine. I will always want to see my Tinkerbell and babies. You make me work harder.”

3.      “Two Moons” by EXO-K ft. Key of SHINee

“Youngjae,” I said to my teenage son, “where are you going?”

“I already told Appa.”

“And I’m asking you because I’m here and Appa isn’t.” Please tell me you aren’t going to get in trouble today. Please tell me my gut feeling is wrong.

“Nowhere special. I’m just going to hang out with my chingu-deul.”

4.      “Loving You Back” by Gummy

I needed to plan the perfect gift for Yunho for our tenth wedding anniversary. I didn’t know what to do. Our youngest will almost be one by then. I can’t believe it. Time goes by so fast. Ten years. Wow. Ten years spent loving the perfect husband and father.

Pictures! A photobook of the last ten years would be perfect! Maybe I could also get a video made with the perfect music to accompany it. I would make it myself, but there would be no way I could find the time to do it.

Let’s see. I could make the photobook and take that along with a flash drive of pictures to a professional video productionist. Maybe I could get someone at SM to do it. They know us pretty well there. I could plan an anniversary party too. It would be perfect! But what if Yunho would do the same thing? Changmin’s sneaky enough to find out if Yunho is planning a party. Or maybe BoA. She might be less suspicious as a woman. Then again…

5.      “The Lost Planet” by EXO

I watched Yunho filming a VCR for his upcoming concert. He was so handsome doing his thing in a suit. I could hardly believe I was here. I got to experience things behind the scenes now.

“Isn’t Appa the best?” I said looking down at Youngjae in my arms.

6.      “A Holly Jolly Christmas” by Burl Ives

“Come on kids. Time for bed.”

“But Mommy, I’m not sleepy!” whined Jiyool.

“I guess you don’t want presents from Santa then.”

7.      “Fiction” by B2ST

“Appa, another story,” said Yookwon.

“Yeah, ’nother story,” Hyunsu said.

“Alright. One more boys and then you go to sleep. What do you want me to read?”

“I want one of Mommy’s stories!” exclaimed Youngjae.

“Ma! Ma!” babbled Shinil. “Ma! Ma!”

“Mommy’s can’t tell you a story; she needs to get lots of sleep so your dongsaeng can grow big.”

“Mommy story! Mommy story!”

8.      “Stolen” by Dashboard Confessional

“From the moment I first saw you, you had my heart,” said Yunho. “I’m not sure exactly what it was. You just have the aura about you that makes people want to be around you.”

“I do? I…”

“Yes. You are amazing Alicia-ssi,” My heart was pounding. “and I… I love you.”

9.      “Back Seat” by JYJ

We were number one to Yunho. I knew that. The kids knew that. It was just SM that kept Yunho so busy. We made the best of the situation though. We Skyped

10.  “Way of the World” by Jump5

The past year had been a crazy world wind of events. I’m not sure what I really expected when I moved to Korea when Yunho asked me to, but it certainly wasn’t marriage and a baby. He was just a catalyst for me to become an ESL teacher in a country I loved and work with adorable children. I certainly wouldn’t have done that if it weren’t for him. There were too many things preventing me from doing it, but I can’t say I don’t love what my life has become. There are the things I don’t love seeing as I’m married to a Korean idol and our relationship hasn’t been made public yet.

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