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Dreaming of Us: Music Drabbles 5

1.      “Under the Sun” by Do As Infinity

It was a beautiful day. I made sure to bring along plenty of water and sunscreen as Youngjae, Yookwon, and I walked to the park where we were meeting Nikki Jo and Oceana. I still couldn’t believe I had two kids already.

2.      “Slow Down Time” by Jeremey Camp

How old were Hoonmin and Minjae turning? Were my babies two years old already? Gosh is seems like they were just born yesterday. My youngest babies were getting so big. I wanted them to stay little forever. Yunho was suddenly standing behind me giving me a back hug while resting his chin on my right shoulder as we watched our babies playing with blocks.

“They grow up so fast, don’t they?” said Yunho.

“Yeah, they do,” I replied.

3.      “What is Love (Chinese Vers.)” by EXO-M

Was I really in love with Yunho? Or was it still fangirl related feelings? Was I in love? I must have felt something for hi if I was willing to move halfway around the world because he asked me. It has been three months since Nikki Jo and I moved here.

4.      “Crazy Life” by Yunho

“Mommy,” said Hyunsu, “we need to buy a birthday present!”

“What Honey?” I asked distractedly while making lunch.

“Mommy, how can you forget? It’s Cielo Noona’s birthday soon. She was talking about it when we saw her and Changmin Uncle, Imelda Aunt, Ramona-yah, and Evita-yah.”

 That was right – she did talk about it a lot yesterday. However, I had so many birthdays to remember now, it was easy to forget.

5.       “State of Mind” by David M. Bailey

Yunho was missing so much. Why did SM have to keep him so busy!? It wasn’t fair. Yes we secretly got married, but we didn’t plan on having a family so soon. We knew the timing wasn’t right. Gosh darn it! Take a deep breath. It’s the hormones and stress. The Jungs are here to help with Youngjae.

6.      “Tangled” by Maroon5

“Alicia-yah, I’m so sorry I brought you into this mess; it’s not fair to you. I hardly have any time to see you face-to-face, and we have to keep our relationship a secret.”

“What? I don’t understand.” I was very confused. What was going on? We loved each other, didn’t we?

“I don’t want you seeing Shawn-ssi, but I’m not going to stop you.”

7.      “I’m Ready” by Angela Michael

I was going to do it; I was going to move to South Korea. It was a big, scary change, but I wouldn’t be alone. I would have Nikki Jo, Changmin, and everyone else who supported us.

8.      “Let’s Do It” by After School

“Yunho, think about what you’re saying. We can’t just go and register a marriage. Well technically we can, but that’s besides the point. I know we haven’t had a lot of time to talk about our wedding and all, but you know where I stand.”

“I do. People register their marriages before the actual wedding all the time here. However, I would still respect your wishes. I promise you nothing will happen until our wedding night, and I never go back on my word.”

“I know.”

“I have another hour until I need to film again. Wouldn’t it be nice to mark one thing off the wedding checklist? A celebrity friend of mine told me where we could go and be assured everything would stay private.”

“Are you sure? I don’t know.”

“Everything will be fine. Trust me.”

“Okay. Let’s go register a marriage.”

9.      “Hold On [Telemetry Remix]” by Tobymac

Things are going to get easier one day. I was sure of that. It was just that some days were harder than others. I swear there was someone following Youngjae and I as I pushed his stroller down the neighborhood sidewalk. It was darn scary.

10.  “Life’s Too Short [Outtake]” by Kristen Anderson-Lopez

I had to call Changmin. I was so scared because the more I thought about it, the more I thought Yunho was breaking up with me. It made no sense. “Changmin! I don’t… Oh um I mean Changmin-ssi. Changmin-ssi, Yunho, Yunho, he said…” I took a deep breath. “Okay he didn’t really say it, but I think he’s going to break up with me!”

“Slow down Alicia-ssi. What did hyung say?”

“Well he apologized – something about not having time to see me and that wasn’t fair. Um… Something about my friend Shawn.”

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