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Title: Magical Adventures with Sandra: a Delulu Lunafly Fanfic
Author: aleash1989 (Alicia), Emma, Gabi, Leon
Length: One-shot
Rating: PG
Genre: crack/humor, self-insertion
A/N: Ignore the backgrounds in the outfit pictures. Will there be more? Maybe, maybe not. Read to find out. - Alicia

Once upon a time, there were three small children who had huge dreams about becoming idols. All of a sudden, they grew up just to become really handsome looking men. Not only did they look good, they were also perfectly harmonized when singing, and so they got spotted by a producer at a music company, Nega Network. Little magical sparkle dust here and little training there and poof! They began their journey as Kpop idols and called themselves Sam, Teo, and Yun of Lunafly.
Lunafly - the group that would fly high to the moon. The group who’s kingdom would be eternal. It was an incredible journey so far for Sam, Teo, and Yun. They never imagined something like this would ever be happening. To think that each was connect by a bond stronger then steel was astounding. Sam would also say that Teo’s ability to be sassy, sugar high, and, more than anything, random was just as astounding, and understanding the younger man was an art he hadn’t mastered. Yun… Well he was close with Teo, but Sam didn’t think he had mastered the art of understanding Teo either. (Dee Kosh seemed to be okay at the task when they were filming the Halloween special last year. Sam was very surprised by it.) Sam decided that he was going to try to understand Teo more this holiday season.

“Here’s your order, young man.” His train of thought was interrupted by two tiny, but very strong, wrinkly hands that placed a very heavy and scalding-hot pot of kimchi jjigae on the table. “Kamsahamnida, Ahjumonim.” The old lady didn’t hear him and hurriedly went on to another table to serve a waiting customer. “Busy holiday season,” Sam thought to himself while grabbing a spoon from the utensils box. The weather in Seoul had gotten colder, and the people inside the tiny restaurant looked more like winter-season refugees rather than customers.

“Did I keep you waiting for long, Hyung?” said Teo as he took a seat across the table.

However, Sam asked Teo immediately if he had bought him a drink.

Teo teasingly replied in English, “No. Why? You need water?”

Sam, now annoyed, shouted at Teo so loud the customers all turned to face them. “Then why do you have two drinks in your hands!”

Teo was surprised and answered in a soft voice, “I bought both drinks for myself.”

Meanwhile Yun, who just entered the restaurant, saw the whole scene. He started laughing, but it slowly turned into a sigh. This was something that he was used to seeing, and he figured he should stop them before a real fight broke out.

“Hyung! Stop fighting with Hyung!” the maknae shouted as he walked up to the two members who were in a deep argument. Sam stopped and looked at Yun with hope and excitement in his eyes.

“Did you bring me anything to drink, Yunnie?” Sam said with puppy eyes that were hard for the maknae to avoid.

“Um… Yeah… Just hold on a bit, I’ll go get the order,” Yun said and backed slowly from the scene. He was too weak for Sam’s big hazel sparkling eyes, so he changed his mind of splitting the other two members apart. He figured running away would be the best plan right now. The childish members had to stop arguing at some point, and Yun thought he would come back later when the scene would have calmed down a bit; therefore, the maknae jumped on his magical Capricorn and flew off to Nega Network’s office.

Yun arrived and jumped down from his magical Capricorn. He stroked her nose. “Sandra, it’s time for you to go home now.” She nudged his hand. “What?” She did it again. “What are you thinking?” Yun looked her in the eye. “I’m not going back right now. I’m going to the practice room to play my guitar. You can join me if you want, but I’m not going anywhere else.” Suddenly Christmas sparkles, glitter, and rainbows were all around the pair. “Not again!” thought Yun.

Sandra snorted. She thought the wine red, forest green, silver, and gold sparkles, glitter, and rainbows were very pretty. Her person, owner, friend? Well whatever you would call him (She’d have to ask her bestie Alice the Pisces for advice. Why hadn’t she asked before? She had been appearing to humans for centuries! It made no sense.), should thank her for being so thoughtful. Sandra knew humans sometimes needed help from magical beings. Oh right. We should get back to Yun. This wasn’t a story about a magical flying Capricorn.

The magical Christmas glitter disappeared and all of a sudden, Yun and Sandra were on a snowy land and beside them, Sam and Teo were there. “Sandra you need to stop using that magic; it makes me dizzy not knowing where we’ll end up next!” Yun said, and he sighed looking around him. “Wait, where are we?”

“And who is that creature hiding in the snow over there?” Sam questioned pointing toward a hill of snow nearby.

It was a little penguin watching them from afar, hiding in that snow bank. A penguin? What in the world? And where were they? They could only see snow everywhere around them…no trees, no buildings, roads or anything. Only the purest, whitest snow. Maybe they were in the South Pole, maybe in Alaska, or maybe Sweden? Who knows.

The little penguin started waddling towards them, startling Sam and Yun in the process, but not Teo, who had his sight on something else: a glowing box of fried chicken that the tuxedo-ed creature was carrying. “Welcome.” Gulp. A talking penguin! Sam and Yun took a step back, staring at the weird creature and kept their guards up at the same time, while Teo, being Teo, just shook hands with it, started doing all the animal sounds he knew, and then asked in English, “I eat this chicken. Okay?”

Five minutes later, after the famished Teo was done eating, the little penguin smiled at them, and told its “guests,” “My chicken you ate. Now, now. Home you will not get…until the magic words you say. Teehee.” Was this a joke? A molka? But where were the hidden cameras? Nothing alive in sight but them, in this beautiful, but hopeless, snow desert. Oh, and a penguin that talked like Yoda. “That you wanted to get to know Teo better you said. Now, the time you have. Teehee,” the mysterious penguin said as it patted Sam on the leg, and then waddled away hurriedly.

“You wanted to get to know me better, Hyung?” asked Teo.

Sam nervously rubbed the back of his head. “Yeah, I suppose so.”

“Why?” Teo was very confused. Didn’t his hyung know him?

“Isn’t it obvious?” interrupted Yun. “Sam Hyung talks a lot about how much he doesn’t understand you and can’t translated what you say into English for Lukies.”

“Oh,” said Teo slowly. “Hey, you were wearing other clothes before.”

“What?” said Yun. He looked at his clothes, but it was hard without a mirror. “Sandra must have given us warmer clothes when she brought us here.”

“She did a good job matching our personal styles,” said Sam.

“OH MY GOSH!” The Lunafly members suddenly looked around the frozen land in wonder trying to find the source of the noise. Whom would they be meeting now?

Yun noticed something extra sparkly by the huge snow bank. “There!” He pointed towards the snow bank. It was…a horse? They looked a little closer. It was no ordinary horse. It had a horn! And a little penguin was riding it.

“Do you think it’s a wild horse? Maybe it’s dangerous?” Sam asked while looking at Yun.

“How would I know? It’s Teo who has all the random facts.” They both looked at Teo.

“Is not horse! Unicorn! Has horn! Has wings!” Teo said with his broken English. Why does Teo keep speaking in English when both Sam and Yun were fluent in Korean? I don’t really understand him either, it just normal for Sam to be confused when Teo opens his mouth.

“Hello human beings. My friend and I come in peace!” the unicorn said as they approached the three boys. “PENGUIN, IT’S THEM! IT’S THEM!”

“Omo! Let’s take them to the boss; he really is a fan of these moon-boys!” the little baby looking penguin said smiling brightly - so bright it blinded the boys and they fell down in the snow. They started to roll down from a huge hill they didn’t know was behind them.

“AAAAAH!” The three boys shouted in unison as they rolled like buffaloes down, down the hill.

Soon they arrived at a place that seemed like paradise to them. They stood up and brushed the snow off their clothes. The place was filled with Christmas lights, and it just seemed so magical, but the three boys were shocked at what was in front of them. There was a young guy whose age seemed similar to Teo and Yun (Sam was just slightly older) who welcomed them. The young guy then introduced himself as Leon, a sasaeng fan whose mission was to kidnap Lunafly and make them understand each other better. “Welcome to hell,” said Leon and the journey finally began…

The members looked at each other nervously. Could he really be a sasaeng? They knew the crazy stories that floated around the industry, about the accidents caused by such “fans.” Sam knew what he had to do as leader, but before he could speak, Leon started laughing. “You should see the looks on your faces! They’re priceless!”

“So you aren’t a sasaeng?” asked Sam.

“Nope I’m just…” Leon was interrupted all of a sudden by a large glittery sound to his right. Glittery sound? Let’s simply go with it. From out of nowhere, a chubby old man came, stepping out from the air. He had a red suit and a red hat. Was he Santa by any chance?

“Did you just step out from nothingness?” Sam, stupid as it sounded, surprised himself with his question.

“Nah, Young Sir Carter, it’s the magic. Well, actually it’s a portal. Um, you shouldn’t know these things.” the old man said and laughed a weird but familiar “HO HO HO.”

“Hey! Yo! You the Santa! Man!” Teo shouted and pointed at the old man.

“Oh Teo, you know you’re on the naughty list, don’t you? You need to change your attitude and become less of a child. Your childishness scares me sometimes because you act like a five year old in a twenty-something old body. Did you know your mama got your birthday wrong, BTW?” The man creeped Teo out, and Sam and Yun laughed like crazy hyenas. “Oh and I know you peed in the bushes when you were thirteen in the parking lot when your mother and father went into McDonald’s to buy you guys some food after a party.” He looked at Sam. “Sam…” Now it was Yun’s and Teo’s turn to laugh like crazy.

“And Yun… I have really nasty facts about you, you little sicko.” The man then smiled and walked in front Yun. “I’m kidding, you’re the most innocent guy I have ever seen. You even go to church with no one noticing.” Yun smiled shyly and blushed. “Your excuse to leave the company every Sunday morning is that you have a special teacher who can only give you vocal training at that time.” The old man, who just had to be Santa or he would be a creepy sasaeng or a perv of some kind, smiled big and pat Yun on his head. “I’m proud of you Boy.”

Teo was upset and felt like he was being picked on. It wasn’t fair! He was a good boy. He remembered something. “You say Sam but you stop. Why?” Teo started to sing. “‘He sees you when you’re sleeping / he knows when you’re awake’ Santa song no lie. You no make fun facts about Sam Hyung.”

“Make fun facts?” asked Sam looking to his left. “Teo, you’re so confusing!”

“I explain. Make fun facts, facts that make face red. Ummmmm…” Teo put his hand on his face in a thinking pose like that one statue that old European guy made, “danghwang.”

“Oh~ You mean embarrassing facts. Why would he tell you that? It’s not like we know who he is or anything, so how could he know any embarrassing facts about me?” Yun thought Sam was hiding something.

“Hyung,” whined Teo. “He Santa; he know about me and Yunnie; he know about you.”

“I didn’t say I was Santa.”

“Yeah, but you dress Santa; you laugh like Santa,” replied Teo.

“Okay, do you really want to know about Sam?” Teo and Yun vigorously shook their heads. Today was not going Sam’s way. “He didn’t just kiss oranges. He kissed large grapefruit too, and he made out with both of them.”

Yun and Teo couldn’t control themselves. They fell onto the ground rolling with laughter. Sam swore he could hear them saying “Oh my stomach!” as well. Was Teo crying? Sam face palmed; he would never live this down, but he was grateful Santa only gave more info on a topic he already talked about and didn’t mention some of the crazier things he did during high school - which were perfectly normal for a guy his age might he remind you!

“KRIS!” an old woman yelled out.

The four men where quite shocked. Teo and Yun stood up, and Teo immediately thought ex-EXO-M member Kris was somewhere in the giant wonderland and his grandma was calling for him. Santa, well let’s just call him that as it is easier, felt like he was going to have a heart attack. He spotted an older woman about five meters to his right, and Lunafly looked in the same direction. The old woman was dressed like…what you’d expect Mrs. Claus to be wearing - a white ruffled hat; small, round, gold glasses perched low on her nose; a long sleeve red velvet dress with a full white apron; black boots; and a big red velvet cape tied around her neck with white fur along the top and bottom. Actually, Teo thought she looked like she was wearing a couple outfit with Santa!

“Couple outfit! Couple outfit! You Mrs. Claus! You Mrs. Claus!” shouted Teo.

She walked over to him. “Yes, that’s my name, you overly excited boy.” She ruffled his hair.

“EXO Kris here?”

Mrs. Claus laughed. “No, he isn’t. There is someone here with the same name.” She turned towards Santa and put her left hand on her hip. “Now Kris. What is taking you so long? I sent you out here to deliver a gift to help these boys out, not to dilly-dally. You know this is your busiest time of the year.”

“Yes Dear. I just like to have my fun when I get the chance during the busy season.”

Mrs. Claus walked over and wrapped an arm around her husband’s shoulders. “I understand you need it Honey, however you got over your cold yesterday, and your magic isn’t 100%. I don’t like seeing you sick.” She kissed his cheek.

Yun was feeling awkward. Santa and Mrs. Claus were standing right in front of him being all cutesy, and he didn’t know what to do. He looked toward Sam standing to his left, but all the leader did was shrug his shoulders.

“Give the boys their gift,” Mrs. Claus continued. “Then let’s get home; I’ll make you your favorite hot coco –”

“With two cinnamon sticks and small mint flavor marshmallows?” interrupted Santa.

Mrs. Claus giggled. “Always.”

“Can I have a piece of your famous pumpkin pie too?”

“Don’t push your luck Mr. Kringle,” she said with a smile. “Today you will still eat my dumpling soup. If your magic is doing better, you can have pie tomorrow.”

“Alright.” Santa handed Sam a rectangular box wrapped in beautiful silver and gold Christmas tree wrapping paper.

Sam stared at the gift wondering what it could be because he was sure the old man was the magical Santa Claus he grew up believing in. However, he could have sworn he saw his parents eating the cookies and drinking the milk he and his brother left for Santa when he was six and eight years old and wrapping and placing gifts from Santa when he was eleven. His parents had only poor excuses for why they did those things. Sam hadn’t believed in Santa since then.

“Sam hyung. Sam hyung.” he heard Yun say.

Sam turned toward the maknae. “What?”

“I’ve been trying to get your attention for five minutes.”

“Sorry. I was caught up in my thoughts.”

“Open present! Open present!” Teo yelled.

“Oh right.” Sam unwrapped the gift, the wrapping paper magically disappearing, to find a shallow, white box. Inside was beautiful, shimmery, Christmas colored tissue paper. “Huh. This is weird. What could be in here?” thought Sam.

“Oh shinny! Shinny!” exclaimed Teo. Yun laughed. His friend was weird.

When Sam pulled back the tissue paper, all he saw was the black bottom of the box. He looked at Santa confused. “There isn’t anything here.”

“What you see isn’t all that’s there. Put your hand in the box.”

Sam was cautious but did as told. “What the… Was there a bottom to this box?” he thought. He didn’t feel anything.

“Box eating Sam arm!” Teo said in shock.

Sam looked over at the younger man confused. “What are you talking about?”

“Hyung,” said Yun, “look at your arm.”

Sam did and was very surprised. His arm was inside the box halfway to his elbow! “Santa, what is going on?”

“My dear man, you’ll figure it out soon enough.”

Sam felt something, and that’s when he realized the box was like Mary Poppins’ carpetbag and had an endless bottom. What he felt was hard to describe. It felt rectangular but bumpy with…raised letters! As soon as the mysterious object was out of the box, something sparkly flew front of Teo, hung by his waist, and disappeared. None of the members could tell what it was. Sam dropped the box.

“Santa Halabeoji! Santa Halabeoji!” Teo was very confused and didn’t know what to say. “What happen? Why sparkle fly to me?”

Yun and Sam couldn’t believe their eyes. There was no way the words “What happened? Why did sparkles fly towards me?” in English were in the same spot where the sparkles once were in front of Teo.

“Yun? Sam Hyung? Why your faces look that way?” Again there were more English words floating in the air. This time they said, “Yun? Sam Hyung? Why do your faces look that way?”

“Ummmm…” they said having no idea what they saw.

“Santa Halabeoji! Tell me! Oh uh… Please,” Teo said politely, “I don’t understand.” The words in front of Teo changed to what he said.

“Lunafly, the answer is simple. Sam said he wanted to understand Teo better, and it just so happened that my friend Sandra the magical Capricorn brought you three here and I could lend a helping hand sooner then I intended. You see, I was going to leave this gift for Sam on Christmas Eve with an instructional note.”

“Oh~” all three members said at the same time.

“Yes. Does what you see remind you of anything, Sam?”

“I’m afraid I’m drawing a blank.”

“That’s okay. It’s…” Santa pointed above Teo. In a flash of glitter, red and green 3D word art in an arch appeared saying

Magical Subtitles

“Why Santa Halabeoji pointing at me? What goin’ on? I wanna know!” Subtitles: Why is Santa Halabeoji pointing at me? What’s goin’ on? I wanna know!

“I used my magic to put the words ‘magical subtitles’ above your head Teo. That is the reason why sparkles flew towards you. Sam will be able to understand you more from now on. He can control the subtitles similar to the way you can on YouTube with the remote in the box.”

Sam’s mind was in a world wind. “This… This…” he thought.

“I CAN UNDERSTAND TEO NOW!” He grabbed Yun and shook him. “I CAN UNDERSTAND TEO NOW! I CAN UNDERSTAND TEO NOW! DO YOU KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS? DO YOU? DO YOU? OH MY GOODNESS.” Before Yun could answer, Sam stepped back and said, “Teo’s mind will still be a mystery, but at least I’ll understand what he says when he opens his mouth.” Sam snapped his fingers. “Right. Will this translate the various sounds Teo makes too Santa? Will everyone be able to see the subtitles?”

“Most definitely.”

Sam ran and hugged Santa as tightly as he could. “Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!” Sam let go of Santa, stepped back, and coughed nervously. “I don’t how to thank you.”

Yun was also very excited. He had a huge grin on his face. His members wouldn’t be fighting anymore! He wouldn’t be in the middle! He sighed in relief. “Sandra! Wherever you are, thank you. You did a really good thing this time.”

Sandra appeared next to Yun nuzzling up to him. She licked his hand.

“Oh Sandra! It’s lovely to see you again,” Mrs. Claus said interrupting Yun and Sandra.

“It’s nice to see you as well. I hope you, the Mr., and everyone at Santa Claus Village is doing well.”

“We had a nasty cold going around, but everyone is on the mends. We should catch up soon.”

“We should. I’ll message you later, and we’ll set a date after the holidays.”

“That’s perfect Sandra.”

“I have a great idea! Mrs. Claus, do you remember that interview we watched before?”

“Which interview do you mean?” Sandra gave Mrs. Claus a look that all the men thought was very strange. “Oh! That interview. Why yes and I do recall the conversation we had about it. Our idea would be superb! Should we get additional guests?”

“We should. My magical astrological friends have talked to me about their charges enough that I know whom to bring. I’ll have them help me out.”

“Wonderful.” Mrs. Claus turned towards Lunafly. “Now boys, I’m glad you love your gift. Sam, please dye your hair a dark color; you’ve been blonde far too long, and it’s time for you go back to a color that better suits you. Teo, please control yourself more; you aren’t a little kid, and there is a time a place for acting silly. Yun, you sweet, sweet boy. Change up your hairstyles more often; similar styles repeatedly can get boring.”

Sandra was dancing around in excitement. She knew Lunafly, especially Teo, would love what she and Mrs. Claus were planning. It would be perfect! She stopped dancing. “Oh we forgot about Leon! He has been standing here doing nothing for a long time.”

“I didn’t know what to say,” he said. “What were we talking about before Santa showed up? Do you remember?” he asked looking at Lunafly.

“I’m not sure,” said Sam. “We don’t even know who you are.”

That’s what we were talking about,” said Leon. “I was introducing myself. My name is Leon, and I’m a Lukie from Singapore. I took a picture with you at a concert before.” He realized something. “I don’t need to help you understand Teo anymore.” Leon was a little sad.

“Leon,” said Sandra, “you can help Mrs. Claus and me with the surprise we have for Lunafly. Everyone will be so happy!”

Sam was the leader, and he had to do his leader thing. “Before anything else happens, we need to know what’s going on. We have schedules.”

“This will fit into your schedule. I need a few minutes to contact my magical astrological friends, and then I’ll take you and the boys to pick up our special guests. After that, everything should be ready here, so you’ll get your surprise. Oh this is so exciting!” Sandra danced her happy dance. There were rainbows and sparkles and glitter everywhere.

All of a sudden, a winged unicorn with a baby penguin riding it appeared. “We had to come see what all the colors were,” said the unicorn.

Lunafly were whispering. “We’ll never get all this glitter and sparkles off us,” Sam said. “I knew a guy once, who dated a crafter, and there was this huge glitter fiasco – it was like a glitter bomb went off in her apartment! It has been years since they broke up, but he still finds glitter in his apartment, and he even moved!” Sam had a look of horror. “It never goes away. That’s crazy. I don’t like cutesy things,” he whined. “Glitter and sparkles are cutesy!”

Teo had an idea. “We could use magic to get rid of it! Sandra’s magic. Santa’s magic.”

Sandra kept dancing while she talked to the unicorn and penguin. “I’m so excited! Lunafly is going to be so happy! Feeeeeels. I’m full of feels.” Sandra finally saw with whom she was talking. “Hi Penguin and Unicorn.”

“Lunafly is here?” said Penguin with excitement in her voice. “Where!” She looked to her left and saw them. “Unicorn, they’re really here! OMONA IT’S THEM! I didn’t think we’d see them again after they rolled down the hill. Boss will be really happy!”

Unicorn tried to talk, but no words were coming out of her mouth except actual random letters. She must have been too excited to say anything coherent. Sandra slowed her dance down and stopped the rainbows, sparkles, and glitter. “Can you two do me a favor? Mrs. Claus and I have a surprise for Lunafly, and I’d like you to help us.”

“We would love to help Sandra!” exclaimed Penguin.

“Good. You can stay here and help set up or you can come with us while we pick up the guests.”

“What do you want to do Unicorn?” Penguin asked.

“Go! I want to go with Lunafly!” she said enthusiastically with a huge grin on her face and her horn glowing and sparkling more than usual. Everyone laughed at her cuteness.

“Alright. I’ll contact my friends, and then we’ll leave.”

“Sandra,” Sam said, “before we leave can you use your magic and get rid of all the glitter and sparkles on the boys and me?”

“I’ll do my best, but that stuff is hard to clean up.” She pointed her left hoof at them and concentrated. “There. Now, if you’ll excuse me…” Sandra walked away from everyone to magically contact her friends.

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