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Title: Joke Sam!!!! kkkkk Prank Punita!!! (Original Version)
Length: Flash Fic
Rating: G
Genre: Humor
Summary: Teo gets bored at a photoshoot, so he and Yun play a prank on Sam and Punita. What do Sam and Punita think of the prank?
A/N: The title is Tenglish. This was written for Noonaflies Utd. project for Lunafly's 1 year anniversary, and this is the version short version I sent in. There is also an expanded version. Fyi, I personally am not shipping Sam and Punita in the story.

The phone was just sitting there. Calling to Teo to pick it up and do something. “Pst Yun. Yun.”

“What do you want?”

“Do you want to play a prank on Sam hyung?”

“Wha? What? No!”

“You know you do.”

Yun laughed. “Okay yeah. What do we do?”

“Hm… Let’s have Sam hyung ask Punita noona for love advice.”

“He always talks to her in English. Won’t she know something’s weird?”

“Simple: practicing Korean.”


There’s this smelly & loud & obnoxious & not that pretty girl, she’s horrible but I act nice

Pretty Punita

U like her


Do not

Pretty Punita

Just admit she’s ur Dwayne “the rock” Johnson


You got it all wrong

Pretty Punita

Send a pic & I’ll judge her

“The edited one of her would be perfect!” exclaimed Yun while laughing.

Teo was cracking up too. “Yeah! There’s no way she’ll know it’s her.”


MMS sent

Pretty Punita

What is this pic!

Pretty Punita

I mean she looks nice, I doubt she’s as bad as u say


U’ve never smelled her

Pretty Punita

Go for it

Sam was heading towards his bandmates.

“Delete the evidence!” whispered Teo.

“What’s going on here?” asked the leader.

“N-n-nothing,” stuttered Yun.

“Riiiiight. I don’t think I even want to know. Teo, just go get your picture taken.”

Friday Arirang Radio

“So…” said Punita. “About that girl you like…”

Sam looked at her confused. “What girl?”

“The one you texted me about the other day.”

Punita showed Sam the texts on her phone and he chuckled. She glared at him. “That explains why Teo and Yun were acting weird the other day. That picture’s you Punita. They did a brilliant job making you look like rubbish.”

She gasped. “Sam! How could you? You don’t say that to a woman. Ever.”

“W-w-well i-i-it’s it’s pretty funny how they fooled you. Why would I like my sister? Eeeeew.”

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